The NET Bible

I have been a big fan of the NET Bible since I got hold of the Beta edition in 2005. I rate it better than the ESV as a translation although I like the ESV. While no translation is perfect, and the NET Bible’s translations of the Psalms, while very accurate, are NOT poetically beautiful as in some more traditional translations, the NET Bible is a MUST use for serious Bible students.

Rick Mansfield has written a great review of this Bible. Rick’s reviews are thorough and not just opinionated – he uses the Bible he is reviewing for a period of time before reviewing it. Not only that he knows Hebrew and Greek.

His conclusion is:

Ultimately, I recommend the NET Bible–especially the standard edition with 60,932 notes–to all believers. The detailed notes are clearly one of the best first stops (and in many cases will be final answer) in asking questions of the biblical text. The more I’ve used the NET Bible, both personally and publicly, the more I both like and respect it. My original “top ten” list of Bible translations is now dated. At the time, I didn’t know the NET Bible well enough to include it, but if I were making the list over today, I’d easily place the NET Bible in the top five.

Read the WHOLE review HERE


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