Find Your Strongest Life Yet by Marcus Buckingham (Reviewed By Lauren Winslow)


When I first started reading Find Your Strongest Life I wondered how a man could write a book for women and be able to really get at our issues.  Well, he did and I think too that a lot of the suggestions, ideas, and advice in this book can be for men also- they can at least understand the woman side of things by reading it.  Find Your Strongest Life also appealed to most genre of women- single, married, those with children and without, old, young etc.  Marcus is a visionary writer, the book was easy and fun to read.  It left me with a sense of betterment for myself and knowledgement about myself.  I know that I do contribute to my world and now I know more of how I do that.  I am able to develop this contribution more fully and peaceably.

I did however, felt like God should hold a bigger place in this book.  The book focused very much on individuals doing things for themselves, that we hold the power.  In some ways we do hold that “power” but I think we have it because of our spiritual beliefs.  I believe that God is someone we can turn to for help with our problems, getting insight, and more.  Spirituality gives peace and happiness and fulfillment to our lives.  God is our biggest stronghold and supporter.

I disagree with Marcus in that women are more unhappy these days because we are not supposed to be career women.  Marcus leans towards thinking that women need to be successful in their career and explains how to that.  Most women in our society are working mothers and it is just too much to handle.  Women were created by God to raise children, the next generation and be helpers for their husbands.  Children should not be raised in daycare’s or by anyone other than their parents.  Children are very much influenced by their environment and need to be nurtured as they grow up.  When women accept their responsibilities as a whole, our society and culture will flourish- children will be better off, marriages will be better off, because the woman’s will not be distracted by a career.


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