The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


With Dan Brown’s writing there is no finesse, subtleness, or creativity in revealing the plot lines/secrets. Dan Brown is like an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator rather than a Richard Attenborough’s Cry Freedom.

Yet, like a Schwarzenegger movie, Brown is a good story teller and it is difficult not to enjoy his novels. Of course his views on Christianity and the Bible is ludicrous but they are now quite irrelevant. In fact in this book Brown simply blends in with the general view of our culture regarding Christianity and the Bible. He is obsessed with the world of suppressed secrets and religious freedom – freedom to have any belief and still be credible. The Lost Symbol focuses upon the Freemason’s and the search for the pyramid which will lead to a Masonic ‘map’ which in turn leads to the revelation of the all powerful ‘word’.  Washington DC is the  center of this plot. A city riddled with secret meanings. The main ‘bad’ guy is Mal’akh, a man who is intent upon discovering this all powerful ‘word’ and thus be given power beyond belief. He is violent, angry, clever and ruthless in his quest. Robert Langdon is drawn into the plot deceptively, as is the CIA.

I will not give away any plot spoilers, so you will have to decide whether or not to buy the book or borrow the book, and read it for yourself. Is it a profitable thing to spend a day or so reading this book? I am not sure. It depends if you refer an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Richard Attenborough classic.

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