Grey Areas Of The Christian Faith?

The first chapter in a new book from the leadership team of Grace Community Church (Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong) is by the Senior Pastor, John MacArthur. It’s entitled Glorifying God In The Grey Areas. What is our attitude towards movies, video ames, internet, ipod, music etc. The following are 7 principles for living a godly life in the grey areas:

1. The Edification principle: Will this activity produce spiritual benefit?

2. The enslavement principle: Will this activity lead to spiritual bondage?

3. The exposure principle: Will this activity expose my mind or body to defilement?

4. The esteem principle: Will this activity benefit others, or cause them to stumble?

5. The evangelism principle: Will this activity further the cause of the gospel?

6. The ethics principle: Will this activity violate my conscience?

7. The exaltation principle:Will this activity bring glory to God?


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