What A Statement About Our Culture!!!

The Daily Telegraph has an amazing article written by a guy who has spent half his life in prison. What a statement about our world and culture today – that a man would prefer living in jail than to live outside – or to even try to make his life work outside. Read it below:

A PRISONER who has spent half his life behind bars admitted that he now enjoyed life in jail so much that he never wanted to be freed.

Allan Baker has been locked up for 20 of his 40 years for a string of crimes including violent offences and is currently serving life in Elmley Prison in Eastchurch, Kent, for attempted murder.

Writing in a prison newspaper, he claimed: “I have more freedom here than I could ever hope for in the outside world.

“I have total freedom from responsibility, free food, laundry services, health care, a job I love and my Open University course is costing me nothing.

“I don’t have to worry about my probation officer, being recalled or endure the heartache that relationships bring because I don’t get lonely in prison.”


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