Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

_225_350_Book.72.cover Fear is something that can paralyze us. Fear of the future, fear of the present, even the fear of the past can all make life impossible to live. And then comes the fear of people, of illness and death.

We all have fears. And the issue is not that fear will ever go away – but how do we cope with our fears. Do we suppress them, ignore them or submit to them. Max Lucado’s new book Fearless gives us a guide to how to put faith before fear.

Each chapter tackles an aspect of fear – some more general (Fear of worst case scenarios), some specific (fear of not protecting my kids). Through illustrations, stories and scripture references, we are shown the broader view (God’s sovereign presence and his promises) that scripture gives us, and through this to draw comfort, faith and strength that fear is not the place to retreat to when we encounter the difficulties and tragedies of life.

This is certainly a ‘hope’ book. You are meant to be able to read each chapter and come away feeling strengthened and encouraged. But this may also be a slight weakness in the book. Not everything turns out well, and while Lucado does acknowledge this, I would have liked a chapter called  “The Fear Of When Things Don’t Turn Out Well.” More biblical exegesis, or digging deeper into some of the passages used was, in my opinion, needed.

Also, on a minor point, I found the switching of Bible translations a little annoying. Lucado uses everything from the Amplified Bible, The Message, to the NIV and NASB. It at times seems that the translation is used to prove his point.

This is a great introduction to the topic of fear and will be a wonderful first step in giving people encouragement. But it should be only a first step book – further reading would be required to truly have a life that is without fear.


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