Everyday Greatness Inspiration for a Meaningful Life By Stephen R. Covey and David K. Hatch

_225_350_Book.66.cover We can all be inspired by stories, true or fiction. There is something about reading or hearing how someone over came adversity, struggles and massive odds to prevail, survive or even to die well.

Everyday Greatness is such a book. It’s 400 plus pages are filled with inspirational and moving stories which will draw from all your emotions. Taken from Readers Digest, each story is meant to move and encourage us to live life differently. Stephen Covey ends each story with a summary and a comment on what you have read, often drawing out a principle which we, the reader, can apply to our own life. At the end of each section, there are some Reflections – questions to challenge us to take what we have read further in a practical way.

One of the really useful aspects of the book is at the end of each section /chapter there are a number of pages (sometimes up to seven) filled with quotes from other people relating to the section you have read. As a preacher this resource of quotations is remarkable and , I would venture, worth the cost of the book itself.

My only caveat is that this is not a Christian based book – the content is not related back to the Gospel or to Jesus Christ. What I mean by this is that the chapter on Humility, for example, encourages US to be humble. I would argue, as a Christian Minister that we can only truly attempt to walk in humility in the power of the Holy Spirit. However, the book itself was very enjoyable and as I said, the quotes are worth having.


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