The Betrayal: A Novel on John Calvin by Douglas Bond

51v92p4wE7L._SL500_AA240_As most of you know it is Calvin’s 500th birthday. This new novel on John Calvin really attracted my attention – a NOVEL on John Calvin – how would the author pull this off? Well, he pulls it off – and he does it VERY well.

The story is told from the perspective of Jean-Louis – the son of a tanner and who grew up with Calvin. Jean-Louis is overcome with jealousy and hatred for Calvin and his success – a hatred which leads to Jean – Louis becoming Calvin’s servant and also an informer for the French Government who was trying to destroy any who professed and advanced the reform faith. The book is in fact Jean-Louis’ confession. A brilliant piece of writing which uses fiction alongside historical fact. Much of the Calvin’s words are taken from real letters and his theology form his Institutes. 

This is a GREAT intro to Calvin and his life. Joel Beeke – a reformed theologian and president of the Puritan Seminary as well as author of many books on Calvin writes:

 “Douglas Bond introduces John Calvin to us in a gripping way, colorfully taking us back to Geneva and its times, unveiling Calvin as the principled man of action, commitment, and love that he was. The Betrayal makes for an exciting read, showing the great Reformer’s heart for theology, piety, and doxology, while almost effortlessly and implicitly undoing caricatures about Calvin along the way. If you want Calvin and his times brought to life in a page-turner, this is the book for you!” 


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