Back From Vacation – Almost

I don’t go back to the office until Friday but we rolled in from our trip to he mountains on Tuesday evening. Today has been spent unpacking and talking Sam to see Ice Age 3.

I have not looked at my email since Friday 3rd July. Now thats an achievement for me – and I must say I have enjoyed it.

Before I left I read CJ Mahaney’s article “Leadership and Family Vacations”.

It really is a great article and t challenged my – especially on how I am a dad and a husband on vacation. We had the best vacation we have ever had this year – and yes I fell into bed each day exhausted – but we had fun together. I came to realize that if I am to serve my family, my kids should not see me doing ANY office  work, or making any phone calls or using a computer or checking email for the whole time on vacation. To do so would be to devalue them. My time and attention is on them and my wife.

My suggestion is that if you are a dad and you see vacation as your time to rest then don’t read this article. Here is a quote:

And you will know you are serving and leading effectively on your vacation when you 

fall into bed at night more exhausted than at the end of the most grueling day of work. 

The father must enter family vacations committed to serve, lead, plan, initiate, and 

work, and do all this with joy. This isn’t your time to rest. Only your wife deserves to 

rest on vacation (because no one works harder than she does the rest of the year).  




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