The Sovereignty of God by Paul Blackham – Part 5

Sovereignty in Salvation

Humanity is utterly ruined in our sin and rebellion.  Under the power of the devil, dead in our sins and wilfully ignorant of Christ, we are conceived in sin and happily enlist in the world’s war against the LORD’s Christ.  Foolish combatants in a hopeless war, the only logical and just outcome is our eternal torment in the fires of Hell.

If there is to be any salvation for us then it must all lie in that free, evangelistic sovereignty of the Father.  If it were down to us to devise or implement a way of escape then we would only further damn ourselves.  The way, truth and life of Jesus has to emerge entirely from the sovereign evangelism of the Father. 

The Bible goes to great lengths to show that human efforts at salvation, whether based on genetic heritage [being descended from Abraham] or any activities [good or bad], are excluded from the Father’s way of salvation.  He has announced, without any consultation or input from lost humanity, the way of salvation in Jesus. The only possible response to this is… simple trust.  Instead of relying on our own ‘sovereignty’ or ‘religion’ or ‘ethics’ or ‘sincerity’, we must look only to Jesus as the true and only expression of the Father’s glorious, gracious and just sovereignty.


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