Bible Overview By Steve Levy (With Paul Blackham)

41Qne-avKPL._SL500_AA240_OK, as you may have guessed by the previous few posts – I really like this book. In my humble opinion it is way better than Vaughn Roberts , God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible.

The primary reason I like this book is the theology. Levy does not just give an overview but he unpacks, and (more bravely) he lays out HIS theological view of each section. I say bravely because lots of people write books such as these so not to upset or offend people. Levy lays out what will be for some a radical, and in my opinion, completely right theological understanding. The bonus of this book is the appendix whereby Paul Blackham answers common questions / objections to some of the positions espoused by Levy. while not diminishing Levy’s work – the cost of the book is worth this alone. A book I will recommend.


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