Jesus And The Law…

In relation to the previous post I do have a pet peeve. In May, during the diocesan conference I went to one of the seminars on Creating Biblical Anglicans (can’t remember the title exactly). During the discussion, one of the panelists – a former seminary lecturer no less – said “Jesus abolished the law.” 

Such language really annoys me because it’s not just an idiotic statement, it is a wrong statement and it is a dangerous statement. Jesus has not ABOLISHED THE LAW. He himself tells us in Matthew that he has FULFILLED the law – and yes there is a HUGE difference.

The difference is ably explained in Steve Levy’s book Bible Overview. The Old Testament contains the Gospel and Jesus  has not set it aside in the way some think he has – i.e. much of the Old Testament is irrelevant for us – but he has fulfilled it thus ensuring that we must spend as much time in the Old Testament as in the New Testament drinking in the word of God and relishing the revelation of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ as savior and Lord.

PLEASE – lets stop using the word ABOLISH to talk about the Old Testament in relation to Jesus and the New Testament.


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