Vacation Bible School Has Ended

It’s been quiet on the blog – last week was crazy with VBS. For 5 nights we feed and provided different programs for 130 men, women and children.

Busy but fun (mostly!). I wanted to share with you one of the videos we made for the worship time. Our Music Minister wrote a ton of songs for this VBS and this is one of them. If you know me, you might see me (and the youth minister Jason). Please remember this is copyrighted to Jon Blamire and Prince George.



One of the many emails we received about VBS came from someone who attended without children. They wrote:

To say the least it was truly an enjoyable week even for those of us who have an empty nest. The music was great as were the program, fellowship and food. It was evident that it took a tremendous amount of time, effort and creativity to put the programs together. The videos were an extra touch that made the programs unique and even more enjoyable.

Thanks again for all you do and the outstanding effort of the entire leadership team.




Even though I say so myself – this VBS which was written and produced in house is better than anything I have ever seen from Group. But then again, I would say that – wouldn’t I!!


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