One Of the Very Best Preachers

I’ve banged on before about how I think that Dr Paul Blackham is probably the best preacher I have ever heard – and I think is probably the best theologian in the UK. There is NO other preacher, in the UK or USA which I would rather hear and learn from than Paul Blackham (including Piper, Carson and co). I first met and got to know Paul at seminary. We become friends when we realized that our theology was very similar – especially our understanding that Christ appears in the Old Testament. His insight into scripture is a gift second to none. But don’t take my word for it. The blog, Christ The Truth also agrees – and he has some great talks from Paul to download. Go there, listen and feast on some great preaching.

John (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) by Andreas J. Köstenberger

41H40F0M1YL._SL500_AA240_I liked this commentary because Kostenberger gives you great overviews of other scholars view points in a  concise, easy to understand way. he is far btter at that than Don Carson is in his commentary on John. I have always felt Carson’s commentary to be over rated. Kostenberger’s clear and easy style helps you through the various issues of a passage. He sometimes missed or sketched over things which Hendriksen would some time in, but for the overall picture and summary of the passage you could not go far wrong with this one.

The Gospel of John: A Commentary by William Hendriksen

John_Hendrikson  A while back I mentioned that we had finished a year long Bible Study with the men’s breakfast group on John’s Gospel (see HERE) Over the course of the year I read a number of commentaries – and this one, by William Hendriksen I liked the most.

The enjoyable and useful thing about Hendriksen is that he stays in the text – and he aims to 1) understand the text and 2) seek application from the text. He also employs biblical theology at all times, cross referencing and referring to the whole canon.

Hendriksen’s insights are often powerful and inspiring, and even when you don’t agree with him, you can’t but help admire the thoughtful exegesis he has taken you through.

A great commentary to have on John’s Gospel.