BNP (British National Party) Wins Two Seats In Euro Elections

OK, so people are not happy about BNP having won two seats in Europe. But then I read the most stupidest comment from Members of Unite Against Fascism. They say:

they wanted to “defend democracy” against what they regard as the “fascist” and “racist” policies of the BNP.

Can anyone please see the stupidity in this statement? The two BNP people were elected BY DEMOCRACY – they are elected legitimately through an valid election. The Members of Unite Against Fascism need to protest against the people of the constituencies who elected these guys. Democracy may not always give you the result you want – but then should we decry democracy as UNFAIR!! 

I am not thrilled that the BNP are elected – but then again, it says something about the nation, its people and those living in the areas which elected them!


2 thoughts on “BNP (British National Party) Wins Two Seats In Euro Elections

  1. Hi Andy,
    But isn’t it the less democratic PR system that gives these small parties a disporportionate share of the power. And now we’ve got Brown proposing altering our first past post system which would only give more power to BNP.

  2. Hey Tim, thanks for the comment. To answer your question, and in my humble opinion, the answer is a small yes and a big no at the same time. PR may give some more possibility of parties the size of BNP getting elected – but just as PR has its faults, so the first past the post does as well. But the main point is that PEOPLE VOTED BNP. They did not subvert the system. PR and F-P-P systems requires people to Vote – either for one candidate or for 1,2 and 3 choices. PEOPLE VOTED BNP, or at least put them 2nd and 3rd choices. In a democracy BNP should be on the ballot if they want – but of NOBODY voted for them they would not be viable. Racism, bad nationalism, or whatever you want to call it is the issue. regarding theMembers of Unite Against Fascism – their goal to defend democracy against racism is impossible – for if people want racism then democracy allows them to vote for it. The alternative is to ban the BNP, or ban certain types of parties from putting candidates up for election. But then who makes THAT decision and that will cross a line – for then you could easily go towards a dictatorship. If we believe democracy is valid (and that is another discussion) then you must accept that BNP type parties will stand for election – but it is still the PEOPLE who elect them. Longwinded I know!! Sorry!

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