Ishmael 6 – From Paul Blackham

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N.T. Wright – Wise Advice To Ministers…

“What I’d really want to do is say to the next generation, I want you to know your Bibles inside out and upside down in the original languages as thoroughly as you can. I also want you to get on your knees and learn how to pray and not just 5 minutes here and there but serious prayer for God’s world, God’s people, for anything and everything that’s going onwards. And the third thing is I want you to learn how to love people. Some people are naturally loving and they may need to learn other dimensions, some people are a bit shy and don’t quite know how to do it or they don’t terribly like people that much & if you’re going to be a Christian leader the bible, prayer and loving people.“

Listen to the whole interview HERE 2008JulySlipstream – fascinating!