Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

518hGWRuzCL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-big-search,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_I finished readings Angels and Demons today. I started it last night. It’s an easy read. You can figure out the plot and the ‘bad’ guy’s identity very quickly and the writing is very straightforward.

Without revealing the plot – what is interesting is the discussion of science and faith. There are some very interesting ‘dialogues’, summaries and suggestions regarding science and faith – obviously which comes from Dan Brown himself. One very interesting suggestion is that the ‘scientist’ in the book (who is also a priest) manages to create something from nothing in a lab – thus proving Genesis.

The interesting issue is that while the scientist priest thinks his discovery will enhance and solidify faith and God’s existence – others in the church believe it would diminish and undermine faith – and thus the battle begins.

There are many half truths, misrepresentations and inadequate thinking to frustrate Christians in this book BUT some of the questions raised are worth engaging with.

The Emerging Church Has Died….

…. at least that is what Michael Patton says on his blog. He writes that the emerging church…

assumed that Evangelicals would listen and exit the building with them. But what happened was not unlike a disrespectful teenager who thought that he suddenly had it all figured out through a series of unadulterated epiphanies. He tugged on the shirt of his parents letting them know how much more he knew than them and he was blown off because of arrogance. “Tsk, tsk” was the reply, “I remember when I thought I knew it all.” While the Emerging Church, as well as teenagers, do have some very good things to say and should be listened to, it is the (almost total) disregard of Evangelicalism’s values that caused them to lose their audience. Evangelicals were offended.

This is a good (fun?) article which has some intense truth in it. Read it all HERE