Journals and Genesis…

bibliothecasacraTheological Journals are helpful. They tend to more up to date with research and ideas – a book can take 18 months to write, proof and publish – in journals you can read and hear about what will be in a book much earlier. One of my favorite journals is Bibliotheca Sacra which comes out of Dallas Seminary. While the articles are substantial they are also readable. They also have a GREAT book review section. The latest issue has the following articles:




Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Toward a Trinitarian Worldview J. Scott Horrell
Identity Crisis: Assessing Samson’s Birth and Career Robert B. Chisholm Jr
The Enigmatic Genre and Structure of the Song of Songs, Part 2 Gordon H. Johnston
Is 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 a Prohibition against Homosexuality? Kirk R. MacGregor
Forgiveness and Cleansing according to 1 John 1:9 Ed Glasscock

One of the older articles (about a year ago) which I re-read recently was Genesis 1 and Ancient Egyptian Creation by Gordon Johnston. A fascinating study of the parallels between the Egyptian creation myth and Genesis 1. There has been a lot of work done on the comparison between the Babylonian myths and Genesis but relatively little on Egyptian. It is a great article with the stimulating conclusion. Johnston says that Genesis 1 was originally composed not as a scientific treatise but as a theological polemic against the ancient Egyptian models of creation which competed against Yahweh for the loyalty of the ancient Israelites. Wow!

So, consider a subscription to Bib Sac.


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