Infant Baptism

Mark Dever wrote an article called “The Sin of Infant baptism” Written by a Sinning Baptist. It got me thinking as a priest. How would I respond to Mark Dever? Of course, as evangelical anglicans we talk of the covenant of God when discussing infant baptism – it is the like circumcision in Israel – it welcomes the child into the community of faith, but it is not ‘completed’ or appropriated until confirmation when the person makes their own public confession of Christ. This is the first defence of a paedobaptist. But is that the place to begin? It assumes that infant baptism is the ‘core’ growth of the church – it is the main doorway into the community of believers. Yet, this should not be the case. Within anglicanism, we should be baptisizing MORE adults than infants – this should be our focus and mission – evangelism, conversion, etc. So maybe, as Anglicans who uphold the scriptures as the full revealed word of God then our MAIN focus should be on Baptizing adults, and infant baptism is a secondary focus. So, Mark Dever, I am an Adult Baptist and a paedobaptist – does that make half a sinner?


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