Homily For Wednesday of Holy Week

Our reading from Hebrews 9 this morning gives us a glimpse into the eternal reality of heaven. In fact the whole of Hebrews does this.

It mirrors much of the Old Testament through the incarnation – the reality – of Jesus. The Old Testament tells us Aaron was High priest, but Jesus IS our ultimate High priest. The Old Testament had a tabernacle, a holy of holies – an alter where the sacrfice of animals took place and Hebrews tells us that Jesus entered the heavenly tabernacle – he went into the heavenly holy of holies – that HE was THE sacrifice – that the shedding of HIS blood is what redeems us.


All this makes us realize that what happened on earth – with the tabernacle, the temple, the ritual was simply a mirror, a reflection of heaven. That the sacrifices Israel were asked to perform was a mirror, a type – a representation of the ONE sacrifice that was to come in Christ Jesus.


Nothing is random. Nothing is new.


The Tabernacle was not just a good idea but had its foundation in heaven before the foundation of the world. Christ’s sacrifice has been known about within the trinity since before the beginning of creation.


Which means that salvation – the redemption of humanity – was not an after thought – or plan B – but one that was ready to be executed since before the Garden of Eden and before Adam and Eve. God was not caught off guard with the fall – he does not say “Oh Adam, what have you done – what am I going to do now?” Jesus’ incarnation, death, resurrection were all planned before creation – as was Jesus’ role in the heavenly places after his acsension.

V24 of our reading from Hebrews this morning is quite amazing, because we see some thing of the role of the glorified Christ. For Christ has entered, not into holy places made with hands, which are copies of the true things, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God – why? On our behalf!


Right now – this second (if you can use seconds in regard to heaven) Jesus is the holiest place in the universe – in the Father’s presence ON OUR BEHALF. He is the once for all sacrifice which allows us to approach the throne of grace, as Heb 4:16 says. He is also our High Priest.


He is interceding for those who trust in and have accepted him as savior – Heb 7:25 says: Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost [1] k those who draw near to God l through him, since he always lives m to make intercession for them.


Does that not excite you this morning? Does that not make your entire day, week, month, year, this morning? If we trust in him as our savior our names are being mentioned in the eternal presence of the trinity as Christ intercedes on our behalf.


Christ has bore our sins – that has been done and finished.


The next time he appears, the next time he comes it will, as the writer of Hebrews says, to save those who are eagerly waiting for him. Is that you and I?


Are we eagerly awaiting him – knowing our sins have been dealt with; knowing that Christ is for us and not against. Knowing that he is in the presence of the Father on our behalf.


With this knowledge, let our worship this easter exalt our Lord and King – Thanking him that his sacrifice and his love for us enables us to be reconciled to God the Father.


Halleluiah! Amen!


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