Worship In The Melting Pot by Peter Masters

Dr Peter Masters has been the pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London for the past 38 years. The Met Tab (as it is affectionally known) was the home of Charles Spurgeon in the 1800’s. It is a strict Baptist church which hold very strong calvinist doctrines and extremely traditional views on worship – but its preaching is very biblical and its book store (which I visited FAR too often) has the finest calvinist / reformed collection of books, commentaries and systematic theologies anywhere at the very cheapest prices!!

I like reading Dr Masters books because while I do not always agree with him his passion for the Lord Jesus and for the Gospel is unquestionable and he challenges me to think through why I believe something.

This book is Dr Masters treatise on the modern worship scene. Dr Masters view is that only certain hymns should be sung in church and that the current ‘modern’ worship scene is undignified and irrevarent to the Lord; that the raising of hands, or dancing or loud music, or bands are not biblical. Also, he argues that worship is about WORDS – and that music is not the core of worship, only a tool. He makes a case from scripture to that effect

While most of you will not agree with him, you should really engage with his exegesis – his view of 1 Corinthians 14 is fascinating – ultimately arguing that the call for everyone to give a prophecy or a psalm or a word etc is directed NOT to the whole congregation but to the Leadership team or ‘platform’ party.

This review is far too short but I am getting tired and Am off to bed shortly. So, I really enjoyed this book, although I cannot say that you will. However, I will continue to read Dr Masters books.


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