Who Gets To Narrate The World by Robert Webber

We finished reading this book with our men’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast Book Club. I think that this is one of Webber’s last books before he passed away.

This is a small book which argues that Christianity has forgotten its narrative – not the ‘God saves me’ narrative but the wider, “God is for the world” narrative. He argues that the lack of a global focus means the world is now being narrated by others – and more dangerously for Webber – it is in danger of being narrated by Islam. Physically, Islam is out growing christianity – the birth rate for christians is 2.2 children and decreasing while the Muslim birth rate is 3.8 children per couple and increasing.

Webber argues strongly that we are in a post christian world and we as the church must rediscover our ‘grand’ narrative and engage the world with it – if we don’t another narrative will.

A useful book.


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