What Happened by Scott MCCellan

Scott McClellan was Bush’s press secretary from 2003-2006. He was press secretary through the CIA Operative leak as well as Katrina and obviously the Iraq war.


This book is a ‘set the record straight’ account. McClellan’s affection and loyalty to Bush does come across strongly. He believed in Bush – which was why he joined his staff when Bush was governor of Texas. There is a sense that for McClellan he had high ideals and hopes serving Bush. But this book shows that too often, Politics requires that you leave your ideals on the battlefield of compromise and disappointment. McClellan was forced to compromise his ideals in what he said to the press – his loyalty for Bush meaning that his own reputation and credibility was shredded in order to say what the White House wanted him to say.


This is not a stunning tell all book – but a measured account of why he did what he did. To some extent you get the impression that this is the explanation he wanted to give the press corps from the briefing room, but couldn’t. An interesting book.


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