The Supremacy of God In Preaching by John Piper

411e49gb6ml_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_This is really a good little book on preaching. The book is divided into two parts – the first four chapters laying the biblical of why God should be supreme in preaching – and the last 3 chapters uses Jonathan Edwards as an example. The first section was, for me, far more useful and powerful. There are some powerful nuggets of wisdom for ALL preachers here, both from Piper and others. For example, Piper, quoting from Philip Brooks, says:


Never allow yourself to feel equal to your work. If you ever find that spirit growing on you, be afraid.


How true is this – preaching is an immense privilege – one which if done in pride will mean God WILL humble you. Another example comes from Piper himself:


All Christian preaching should be the exposition and application of biblical texts. Our authority as preachers sent by God rises and falls with our manifest allegiance to the text of scripture. I say manifest because there are so many preachers who say they are doing exposition when they do not ground their assertions explicitly – “manifestly” – in the text.


You will be challenged in this book to lay your preaching / teaching / bible study before God – and to examine why you preach – because you think your gifted in it – or because you desire to glorify God and you humbly and with trembling exercise the calling God has placed upon you.


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