The Lords Pattern For Prayer by Peter Masters

The installment from Dr Masters. Yes, I am wanting to read all his books – and I have to say this is one of the best treatments of the Lord’s Prayer I have ever read.

Dr Masters meticulously examines each phrase of this wonderful prayer, drawing out meaning and application, giving nine points on just the phrase “Our Father.” Dr Masters sees the Lord’s prayer as a pattern for our prayer life – not just to be recited – but a pattern to follow: 1) Adoration To God, 2)Affirmation, 3) Thanksgiving, 4) Intercession 5) Dedication, 6) Spiritual and Bodily needs, 7) Repentance, 8) Prayer for help in Holiness, 9) Submission and glorifying in the Lord and His Eternal Plan.

Added to this, the last three chapters tackle the topics, Do You Have A Ministry Of Intercession?, Long Term Praying & Remedies For Problems In Prayer.

A great book – one from which you learn much!


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