The Faith by Charles Colson

I must confess that I had NEVER intended to read a Charles Colson book. I had labelled him (in my own mind) as a popularist author, probably not with any depth, and so a waste of time. However, I had intended to read his book God and Government. I am reading some political stuff in the run up to the Presidential election. Anyways, I ordered the wrong book and got this instead. So this became my ‘bathroom’ reading. And I have to say Colson surprised the socks off me. This is a remarkably good introduction to Christianity. It is well written, orthodox and not superficial. There is indepth theology (and understanding) as Colson lays out the argument for the Christian faith. The first part of the book lays out the truths of Christianity and the second half becomes more practical, looking at the church, life as a believer etc.

This is a book I would happily give away to someone looking at Christianity. A very valuable and worthwhile book.


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