Physicians of Souls by Peter Masters

The next installment from the writings of Dr Peter Masters, current pastor of The Metropolitan Tabernacle in South London. This book argues that the Church has lost the vital ministry of weekly evangelistic preaching. Dr Masters does NOT define weekly evangelistic preaching as the inclusion of the gospel in a message – he defines it as devoting a weekly sermon solely to an evangelistic sermon – that is 52 sermons a year devoted to a purely evangelistic message. The book is devoted to unpacking this view point – how does a preacher prepare such messages – what effect it has on a church (i.e. encouraging the church to be a working church – members inviting friends every week to hear an evangelistic sermon).

Not, I think, Dr Masters best book – but as usual it is provocative – and I certainly do think that regular, evangelistic sermons need to be preached in our churches, and I agree with Dr Masters that for members of the church to sit through 52 evangelistic sermons is not a bad thing – they will certainly understand the gospel message roughly.

Of course Dr Masters puts some important boundaries to this type of ministry. It is a gift to preach 52 different evangelistic sermons – different sermons which emphasizes different areas, and delivered in different ways.


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