Iraq: Searching For Hope by Andrew White

51ecayjvaol_sl500_aa240_I first heard about Andrew White in 2005. I did a three month course at YWAM called Foundations In Intercultural Studies – which focused on Reconciliation. I wrote a blog for the course as it happened which you can read HERE

Andrew White knows Iraq. He was involved with reconciliation and peace in Iraq before the war. He has been involved at levels that few have. This book will both challenge you and, if you have strong opinions on the war in Iraq and deposing of Saddam Hussain, you will be shocked.

Much of the book documents Andrew’s remarkable relationship with this ancient nation. However in chapter 3, Andrew tackles the question, “Is The War Justified” – and for Andrew White, he writes that is was indeed justified. Knowing what it was like for the people of Iraq before the war, under the tyranny of Saddam, and the aftermath of the war, he completely believes it justified. He acknowledges mistakes were made, but ultimately, he says  Had the war really been necessary? I still say yes. 

Where there weapons of mass destruction? Andrew does not spend long on this but as someone who has spent years talking with Iraqi people he writes: Although no WMD were ever found, the intelligence for their existence was very strong, as many, many people tell of their own roles in helping to conceal these weapons. I don’t know why these stories, too numerous to be merely inventions, have not been related by the media. Nor do I understand why the countless accounts of people being injured and even killed, while moving these weapons have not been reported.

Andrew goes on to say that Saddam did possess WMD – he murdered countless kurds using them – he also tortured and suppressed his people. To some extent Saddam was a WMD.

Another area which has been criticized in the media receives praise from Andrew White. The military. The longer I have spent in Iraq, the more respect I have gained for the military. Their job is so critical, and yet they are so misunderstood….The people I see, however, are committed and highly professional – and ready to sacrifice their lives.

Andrew White has spent years under the danger of death and kidnapping in order to work for peace and relationships and reconciliation. He is a remarkable man and this book is worth reading. I know many Christians with social consciences who have spouted their belief and even propaganda about the rights and (mostly) wrongs of the war in Iraq. They should read the book of one who is in the know – who has more understanding about Iraq than almost anyone – who has seen, spoken too, made relationships with those in Saddam’s government, the new Irawi government, the military and other high ranking officials. This book will open your eyes to some of the intricacy’s of Iraq .

Buy it!


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