Christianity In Crisis 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff

51p8s7hlzl_sl500_aa240_I chose this book to review for Thomas Nelson primarily because of the title. I had not heard of Hank Hanegraaff before but the title caught my eye and I was curious in what way did Hanegraaff believe Christianity was in Crisis.


Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, TD Jakes and others are all very familiar names on Christian television. They appear to have very successful ministries. But what about their theology? What do they actually BELIEVE, and what message are they preaching.


Hank Hanegraaff has combed through the theology, talks and beliefs of these preachers and has exposed what they truly belief – and it is not orthodox, biblical understanding of God. In fact, much of what they believe and preach will shock you.


In one way this book made me frustrated and angry. Frustrated that such preachers are given such exposure and angry that so many people are being led by them.


Hanegraaf’s research is heavily footnoted this supporting what he is writing not as hearsay but as documented and on the record. Such as Joel Osteen’s belief that Jesus did NOT finish the work of redemption on the cross – in fact Osteen says it is far from finished; or John Hagee’s belief that Jesus wore designer clothes, “Jesus had a seamless robe so valuable that Roman soldiers gambled for it at the cross. It was a designer robe”; or Joyce Meyer who says that Jesus, having spent 3 days being tormented in hell by demons, is resurrected as the ‘first born-again man’; or finally TD Jakes who encourage people to raise their wallets up to heaven and pray that God will heal their money.


These are but a few of the many examples Hanegraaf refers to in this book showing the lack of basic, foundational theological understanding.


This book does not focus just on the bad – the last section of the book outlines  a strong, basic understanding of faith and Christianity – called Back To Basics, which balances and provides the plumb line of foundational belief.


If you are, or have been involved in the Faith Movement then this book will be of help to you. If you are wondering what the Faith Movement is, or you have heard of TD Jakes, Benny Hinn et-al and wanted to know more – this book is also for you.


Much of the book will shock you and even make you depressed. But it is important to understand what these preachers and teachers are truly saying to so many people.


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