Boys Adrift by Leanard Sax

Dr Leonard Sax, a psychologist, writes an engaging book on why boys in our culture are unmotivated. For Dr Sax, there are five areas which are major contributors to the unmotivation of boys: 1. Video games are disengaging boys from real world pursuits; 2. Teaching methods are putting boys off school – the structure of kindergarten today is the equivalent of 1 st grade 20 years ago; 3. prescription drugs for attention deficit disorder are being given to liberally – they are only 5 yers old for crying out loud!! 4. Endorcine disrupters: Estrogens, possibly from plastic bottles and other food sources are lowering boys testosterone levels; 5. devaluation of masculinity – the shift in culture has changed the role models for men – is a mans role model today really Homer and Bart Simpson?

This is a provocative, informative and yet easy to read book which is packed with examples and stories.  A must read for all parents who have boys and for youth ministers.


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