Why We’re Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Should Be by Kevin deYoung & Ted Kluck

Unlike DA Carson who did not read a whole lot on Emergent with his book, these guys have read 5000 pages of Emergent literature.

Their aim is not to try and denounce emergent, its leaders or those who claim to be emergent evil people, but they do, in the most thorough of ways, point out the immense errors that many in the emergent church leadership are advocating – errors which really place many of those who adhere to them outside the historic, and apostolic christian faith (i.e. questioning the virgin birth, the resurrection, the incarnation, the atonement, historic creeds, fundamental doctrines).

Their assessment is not new (largely because I agree with them and have already thought about these issues) but it is so well put together – so well written and so well argued that all in emergent should read it and engage with it.

Interestingly many of the big emergent guns (as far as i am aware) have not engaged with this book. Maybe its too close to the truth. Andrew Jones did a semi-serious, largely pot shot at the book on his blog (here) but was slightly rebuked by Scott McKnight of Jesus Creed:

Well, Andrew, you might be spoofing everyone but I read that book, talked with one of the authors, and I didn’t take away anything other than a serious critique of emergent. In fact, I’d say they are calling anything that smacks of liberal theology “emerging/emergent.”

This is a great book and should be read and digested by all who claim any affiliation with the emergent church – positive or negative.


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