The Surburban Church by Albert Hsu

The author of this book, in the epilogue writes this

“When all is said and done, how has suburbia shaped my world view and christian experience? As a product of surburbia I have been far more individualistic and self-autonomous than I ought to be. My experience of community fairly weak. I am fragmented and anonymous. I am largely disconnected from the natural world of God’s good creation. I tend to to view life through the lens of consumer culture and every action and decision is made with self interest and consumption as the conscious default setting. I am insulated and isolated from the needs of the world.” pg 197

This perfectly sums up the content of the book. It is a study of how suburbia arose, how it has effected spirituality and faith and how we SHOULD live in this created ‘community’ called suburbia.

The author encourages breaking out of the individualism of suburbia and reaching out into the community, living a life which is counter-surburban.

While I found the first half of the book hard going (in terms of interest) the second half has some interesting discussions on out reach and church life in suburbia.


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