Modern Calvinists

I confess that I have a hard time listening to some modern ‘calvinists’. Now, if you were to insist on ‘boxing’ what I believe I would say I am a reformed theologian – although that would require a conversation to unpack a little of what is meant by reformed. However, when I hear the harshness and the tone of some of the modern calvinists / preachers it grates against me. My friend recently wrote something which explained to me why it grated against me. He said:

You may have met modern people who claim to love the Puritans.  Maybe they attracted you to the Puritans… or maybe they put you right off!  Too often modern ‘Puritans’ have some of the doctrine but almost none of the self-sacrificial passion for Jesus.

The only real test is… do we live with total passion for the Glorified Jesus… do we count their lives as nothing if only we might show the reality of Jesus… do we serve people with selfless sacrifice?

The best of the Puritans had such deep desire for the reality of Jesus.  They turned the world upside down in their generation with this passion.  Even when they messed things up, their intentions were so often driven by a zeal for the glory of God.

Exactly!! I don’t see the modern calvinists turning the world upside down. They love the theology but are short on action much of the time and certainly short on compassion (although they do argue their compassion is shown by declaring God’s wrath – mmmmm!)


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